Kickstarter Spotlight | August 1st


Happy Friday, everyone! Enjoy this fresh batch of Kickstarter projects, some launched just today!


by Jason Kotarski

Jason was kind enough to let us take a peek at this game, so we’ve got a full-fledged preview for you right here: Fidelitas: A Preview

Welcome to Fidelitas! In a city you’ve never heard of that’s far too difficult to locate on a map, during a time long before you or anyone you know were born, a cohort of faithful citizens gathered to put plans in motion to take the power back from the political elite whose so-called “leadership” led to nothing more than inequity and discontent among the people. But instead of formulating a plan for revolution, they drank too much ale and forgot what they were gathering for in the first place.

But thanks to their digression, now it’s your turn to pick up where they left off…before the over-indulgence, of course!

Agents of SMERSH – 2nd Edition

by Jason Maxwell

Maybe it’s just me, but I’m starting to get annoyed by projects that don’t actually describe themselves. From the picture of the game box we can intuit that Agents of SMERSH is a ‘Cooperative Storytelling Adventure E…. Set in the Cold War Era’, but does the project actually elucidate this concept? No! There’s pretty pictures to wow backers with how much swag they’re getting, but this is another project aimed directly at people who already know everything there is to know about the game. Sure, there are a couple of reviews linked, and that’s grand, but if you can’t interest me in the game by yourself, I’m not going to take the time to read an in-depth review of it.

Good day, sir!

Compounded: Geiger Expansion

by Dice Hate Me Games

As if the lab of Compounded wasn’t fraught with danger enough, this expansion adds radioactive elements to the mix! High levels of radiation may taint otherwise pure samples of other elements, removing them from the game, or may even cause a fire in the lab!

Nearly all of the 5000 original copies of Compounded have been sold out already, so part of this project is also dedicated to getting the base game back into stock and on the shelves.

The Geiger Expansion gives experienced scientists even more to consider in the lab with the introduction of radioactive elements and compounds. Scientists will have to keep a close eye on the Geiger counter, because as productivity in the lab increases, so does the chance for radioactivity levels to soar dangerously high.


by Montrose Games

Tymor previously raised $7500 in funding in May of last year in order to develop the art and a few prototypes of the game, and now they’re set to raise the rest of the cash needed for a full production run! It’s rare these days that a project can get funded that isn’t already near 100% complete, so I’m impressed by these folks already.

Billed as a ‘fantasy strategy with euro-game finesse’, Tymor seems to combine a recipe of empire-building know-how along with some resource management and a touch of direct conflict if needed. I’m actually heavily considering this one, myself.

On the edge of a vast wilderness, you lead a village struggling to recover from an ancient calamity that unhinged the natural rhythm of the seasons. To bring prosperity to your people, you must dispatch your merchants, priests and soldiers to find riches, settle new lands and defend your nascent realm from certain unsavory elements (namely, your similarly-situated rivals).

Clockwork Wars

by Eagle Games

Like Tymor above, Clockwork Wars is another upcoming title that I’ve an interest in. I can’t see anything here that justifies the $85 price tag, though, so this one may end up being passed on.

Take control of the calculating Purebreeds, the industrious Troglodytes, the mighty Rhinochs, or the proud Mongrels. Your goal is to vanquish your foes and accumulate the most victory points through seven turns of play. You earn points by fighting for control of territories that contain valuable natural resources. To win these battles, you need manpower gained by seizing villages and developing them into cities. Invest in research and discover astonishing new technologies, like Golems, Submersibles, and Analytical Engines. Position your troops, research powerful discoveries, employ espionage, and conquer your enemies to win the game!

Eight-Minute Empire: Lost Lands

by Ryan Laukat

Where in tarnation did this come from? Eight-Minute Empire just made it to my FLGS’ shelves, and now I find that not only is there a sequel (Eight-Minute Empire: Legends), there’s an expansion in the offering for that sequel?

Anyway, if it’s anything like the original, then I’ll have to get my hands on it as well. Pledge levels for this project can include the Europe expansion map for E-ME, and an additional double-sided map for E-ME: Legends, if anyone is interested in completing their collection.

Wanderers from afar bring tales of the strange and powerful in distant lands. Set out to find lost heroes, creatures, and cities as you build your kingdom in this first expansion to Eight-Minute Empire: Legends!

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