Kickstarter Spotlight | May 8th


Armello – Bringing Tabletop Adventures To Life

by League of Geeks


From the League of Geeks (no relation!) in far-off Australia, we have Armello, a hybrid RPG / board game, designed for PC/Mac/Linux/iPad (with a stretch goal for Windows / Android tablets). Anything featuring anthropomorphic characters tends to catch my attention, but it appears they’re getting some good press from sites such as Kotaku and RockPaperShotgun as well.

In Armello, players use action points to move their hero across the board. During a turn you’ll complete quests, capture settlements to raise your income, encounter followers, explore dungeons for treasures, vanquish the horrific Banes, and battle other heroes using our unique dice-based combat system!

If you’ve missed the end date, then don’t worry; they’ll still be accepting backers through PayPal and the HumbleBundle store after the campaign ends.

Pocket Odyssey

by Anthony Sato

There’s no pen and paper needed for this tabletop micro RPG, just a devilishly charming wit and a sense of adventure! In Pocket Odyssey, one player is chosen to be the ‘storyteller’, using the innovative quest-building cards to create.. well.. a quest for the other players to undertake! Featuring on-the-fly character creation, players draw background cards, skills, and a flaw for themselves, and they’re set. To win, each player must complete the main quest developed by the storyteller, as well as their own hidden agendas.

Build Your Own Custom Deckbox

by Dog Might Games

Do those wimpy, plastic deckboxes just not do it for you anymore? Does your tournament-crushing deck need a suitably impressive wardrobe, featuring more studs and chains then a heavy-metal band? If the answer is ‘yes’ to either of these questions, then check out Dog Might Games’ line of both classic and custom hardwood boxes. Play around with the custom box creator, and share your unique designs to unlock additional options!

Endless Fantasy Tactics: The Miasma War

by On The Lamb Games

A campaign system and expansion for Endless Fantasy Tactics, the Miasma War adds new characters, units, scenarios, and a single player ‘Adventure Mode’ to the core rulebook. Based around classic tactical JRPGs, Endless Fantasy Tactics is a quick-playing, skirmish level wargame for two or more players.


by North Star Games

North Star Games, usually better known for party games like Wits & Wagers or Say Anything, is in the midst of producing a remake of the 2010 Evolution: The Origin of Species. A strategy game for 2-5 players, you must nurture and adapt your chosen species to have them survive, or even thrive in this dynamic ecosystem of limited resources and hungry predators.

Quantum Roleplaying

by Joshua Frost

One of the first Kickstarter projects that I ever backed, back in December of 2011, has finally given up the ghost. Having collected more than $42,000 from 580 backers, Joshua Frost broke eight months of silence with an exceptionally unapologetic update, placing nearly the entire blame for his failure on the project’s artist, despite his own admission that the content of the book was still in an unfinished and half-revised state.

The really interesting thing about this? Well, the project is based in Washington state, and given their AG’s stance on the Asylum playing cards project, this feels more like a CYA then anything else. I’ll be very interested to see in what direction this goes in the future.

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