Kickstarter Spotlight | Oct. 10th

October 10, 2014


By Crom, the Age of Conan is upon us once more! Answer for me the Riddle of Steel, and I shall show you all the wonders of the world, including a new TMG microgame based in the Eminent Domain universe, and more!

Age of Conan

by Ares Games

It is I, his chronicler, who alone can tell thee of his saga. Let me tell you of the days of high adventure!

As leader of one of the four Hyborian kingdoms, you must rule with an iron fist; crushing your enemies with your might-of-arms, or through sorcery and deception, or even the honeyed words of diplomacy. All the while, you must deal with the chaos that only Conan the Barbarian can bring, either taking advantage of what he leaves in his wake, or perhaps subtly nudging his destruction towards the lands of an opposing power.

The game pits the four most important Hyborian Kingdoms – Aquilonia, Turan, Stygia and Hyperborea – in a fight for supremacy involving war, intrigue and sorcery. Conan, the barbarian hero created by R.E. Howard, is a powerful presence, but he’s very hard to control! He may help or hinder your plans, while pursuing his own adventures to win treasure, women, and glory.

Eminent Domain: MICROCOSM

by Michael Mindes

A new microgame by Tasty Minstrel Games and Seth Jaffee, Eminent Domain: MICROCOSM is up for a similarly micro-length campaign on Kickstarter. For two players only, gameplay promises to be quick (Ten Minute Empires, anyone?) and strategic, as each of the few cards you have available may be used for a number of purposes and combinations.

Besides the game itself, TMG appears to be offering a mash-up of promo cards as part of the standard pledge level –

8 cards for Eminent Domain (5 unique scenarios + 3 extra Politics cards)
5 cards for the upcoming Eminent Domain: Battlecruisers by Phillip duBarry
1 Time-Travelling hero for Dungeon Roll

Two mighty empires are about to collide. Play your cards right to become the ultimate ruler of this microcosm. You are just ten minutes away from the glory of the universe in your clenched fist … or the only thing worse than the vast emptiness of space, that cold shallow grave called losing.

Lanterns: The Harvest Festival

by Foxtrot Games

Foxtrot Games were awesome enough to let us test out their latest game, and I can happily say it was met with approval across the League. A tile-laying and set-collection game for 2 to 4 players, you are an artisan decorating the lake of the Imperial Palace during the Harvest Festival, competing for honor and favor. Feel free to check out our full preview of Lanterns right here!

Place tiles, adorn the palace lake, and dedicate lanterns in this beautiful, fast-paced board game set in imperial China.

Private Die: A Noir Dice Game

by Mystic Ape Games

Private Die is a quick-playing game of press-your-luck dice-rolling for 2 to 6 players that fits easily into your pocket. Featuring an art style and design that could generously be considered ‘noir’, the cards are simple and straightforward, with your detective character giving you a bonus ability for the game, while each witness you question has their own flavorful effect that applies to the round. Liars could cause you to lose clues with false information, or a femme fatale might distract your detective enough to forget his own ability!

Roll your way to cracking the case in this dice game of finks, fall guys, and femme fatales. For gumshoes of all ages and skill levels.

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