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Marauders Plunder Shiny Colt Express

Oct 01, 2014
Dan H. (Nad)

Tash Kalar and Carcassonne get a make over, Merchants & Marauders expands their seas, Colt Express wants you to C'Mon N Ride It (the train) and Firefly ships get shinier!

Hulk-o-Mania Causes Small World Crisis

Sep 17, 2014
Dan H. (Nad)

Space Hulk returns, Star Realms expands, Cones of Dunshire becomes a reality, Dice Master Spoilers, Versaille gets built and Catan settles Africa!

Titans Get Lap Dance at DayBreak

Sep 03, 2014
Dan H. (Nad)

One Night Werewolf gets a sequel, Calliope gathers the Titans, FFG announces Mission Control Beta and the End of the World, Plaid Hat has cuddly mice, WizKids may have product to sell and Artipia pulls out the dollars.

X-COM Hires Vikings to Defend GenCon from the Armada

Big Games, Itty Bitty Living Space Mobile platforms just keep getting better and better, as some of the best analog games on your shelf are being digitized. The most notable recent addition, in my opinion, is Minion Games’ explosive worker placement option, The Manhattan Project. Realized in cardboard form about a year ago, the game has you managing a team

Brown Coats Recruit Rodney for V-Wars

Jul 29, 2014
Dan H. (Nad)

IDW brings us Diamonsters and V-Wars; Gale Force 9 is bringing a lot of TV to our tables; Upper Deck heads to space; Watch It Played Season 4 is funding; and Asmodee let us in on their summer secrets.

Awards Season brings about a Time Traveling Coven

Jul 17, 2014
Dan H. (Nad)

The Germans and Dice Tower announce their awards, Donald X. attempts time travel in Temporum, 8th Summit summons the Coven, Dungeon Fighter gets two elemental expansions and Netrunner fans finally get sleeves!

Stone Blade Orks Digitally Conquer an Aquasphere in Space

Up in space or underwater, pick your great beyond and travel there with excellent new titles from FFG, TMG, Stronghold Games and Stoneblade Entertainment.

Reading Rainbow Defends the Dice Tower Dominion From the Spread of Undead Dragons

Big news on the gaming front! Zombicide rises again, Bauza shows more of his martial arts skills, Dominion comes to tablets, and Z-Man lets you grow diseases right on your tabletop!

Almes Hauls a Load of Resources to a Haunted House in Space

Kinderspiel is awarded, Scott Almes makes lots of micro dollars, and gamers get two great opportunities to go to space.

King of New York has Cosmic Encounter with D&D Dice

Jun 04, 2014
Dan H. (Nad)

Time to crown the King of New York, D&D Dice Masters, Cosmic Dominion, and Bestial Forces are on tap for FFG, while Gloom gets gloomier and Stronghold and Z-Man tease our wallets for convention season.