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Phoenix Covenant | Preview

Nov 07, 2014No Comments4098 Views

We preview Phoenix Covenant, a new Kickstarter, that pits 2 players against each other in a tactics card game combining deck-crafting, commanders, and tactical prowess.

Mint Tin Aliens | Preview

Oct 21, 20141 Comment3864 Views

Are those aliens in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me? Mint Tin Aliens is a quick-playing game for two, requiring you

Cartography | Preview

Oct 14, 2014No Comments3419 Views

Cartography is an abstract strategy game for two players from designer Jon Adams.

Knee Jerk | Preview

Oct 08, 2014No Comments3995 Views

"I feel panicked, at the bank, because I saw…HOW MUCH I SPEND ON KICKSTARTER GAMES!”

Lanterns: The Harvest Festival | Preview

Oct 08, 2014No Comments4182 Views

In Lanterns, you take the role of a servant set out to gain honor from the Emperor through a dazzling lantern display for the upcoming

Killer Croquet | Preview

Sep 16, 2014No Comments3709 Views

Forced to fight in the deadly arena of Killer Croquet, you must either complete the course, forward and back, or rack up your score through

Teratozoic | Preview

Aug 07, 2014No Comments4209 Views

In this 2-6 player game, you will compete to build monsters over several eras, using your domination over the opposing creatures to add various and

Fidelitas | Preview

Aug 01, 2014No Comments4405 Views

As an aspiring leader in an uninspiring place, you decide to join the clandestine battle for influence over the city’s prominent members, hoping to lure

Chronosphere | Preview

Jul 23, 2014No Comments7999 Views

You and your friends are historians, trying to piece together the past to understand the world as it was, but you can’t recall if it

The Outlaws | Preview

Jun 12, 2014No Comments2987 Views

If you’re a fan of 10-gallon hats, colt 6-shooters and half-drunk grandmas pulling off train robberies, get ready for The Outlaws.