BCN 7.20.2017 – People Eating People

Jul 22, 2017No Comments4287 Views

It's time for the news! Join us for an update on the last month of board gaming!

Ep. 70 – Battle of the Contrarians

Jul 19, 2017No Comments3361 Views

Wait...How do you do this podcasting thing again? Talk? Here? *This* mic right here? Okay. Lets see how we do.

Ep. 69 – Classy Foodery at Origins 2017

Jun 13, 2017No Comments3210 Views

Surprise! We managed to squeak in a quick recording session before setting sail for the wonders of Ohio. It's officially Origins time! Enjoy this episode

BCN 6.1.2017 – Definitely Probably the News

Jun 03, 2017No Comments3783 Views

News! Kickstarter! It's all here! Enjoy this run through some new announcements, a big handful of news stories, and a single lonely Kickstarter project.

Ep. 68 – Spoonman Heads to Origins!

Jun 03, 2017No Comments3183 Views

Yes, it's that time again! Episode 68 is here and it's time to chat about the best board gaming convention Columbus, Ohio has to offer!

BCN 5.18.17 – Teddy Graham Baths

May 26, 2017No Comments3795 Views

Yes, it's the news, but it's also critical reviews on why Rogue One was nap-worthy and philosophical discussions on sticky-sweet Teddy Graham baths. Plus, detailed

Ep. 67 – The Other 90,000 | Podcast of Nonsensical Gamers

May 19, 2017No Comments3065 Views

Welcome back, everyone! In this episode, number 67, we decided to explore some of the titles that have fallen out of, or struggled to enter,

Boardcast News 5.4.2017 | Podcast of Nonsensical Gamers

May 13, 2017No Comments3159 Views

Matt and Tiff explore the news of futures past. Matt also has a moment of silent contemplation and self-reflection.

Ep. 66 – The Negotiation Showdown | Podcast of Nonsensical Gamers

May 02, 2017No Comments2090 Views

Can Dan and Matt come to terms on the Fantasy Flight Games negotiation title, New Angeles? No. No they can't.

Boardcast News 4.20.2017 | Podcast of Nonsensical Gamers

Apr 20, 2017No Comments3350 Views

Enjoy another slightly off-the-rails foray into board gaming news and featured Kickstarter projects.