Steebin and Mazzy 10×10: First 5

May 15, 2014

Stealing the idea from Buns and Kelly B!, I proposed that my wife Alicia (Mazzy) and myself (Steebin) take a crack at the Tabletop Challenge: 10×10 in 2014. She was immediately onboard, but that was the easy part. The hard part? What the frig to put on our list!

After an initial struggle to come up with a list of 10, I decided to do the first 5 on our list to start. And after a month or 2 we will decide on the additional 5, to round-out the list. Of the 10 eventual picks, we will be playing 8 competitive and 2 co-op games and keep track of wins, losses, and scores. (Told you we totally stole the idea!) Below is our first 5 on the list. I plan to “live-tweet” (@steebin) updates on our progress.


Agricola – All Creatures Big and Small

This one has grown on us after a couple plays. Being new to the gaming world and worker placement games in general, this one didn’t fancy Mazzy’s tastes. I, on the other hand, like this game and the competitiveness. You never have enough turns to get your farm how you want! We will see how this one goes…



This was an easy one to include in our list. We really enjoy playing this after picking it up on a whim. Who knew that collecting and cooking mushrooms could be fun yet so stressful!



We would play this one on Board Game Arena after reading Nad’s review of the game. After a month of waiting for a reprint, we finally purchased a physical copy. I will be looking forward to having my ass handed to me in this one.

Summoner Wars

Buns, you have created a monster! I borrowed his copy to try it out and well…now we own a copy. Mazzy loves this one now after a rough first game. If she could just learn to be more aggressive in the game I might have some competition. 😉

Ghost Stories

This one we just picked up and Mazzy has yet to play. I have played it once with Buns and Nad and I liked it. Should be interesting to see if we can actually win a game or two with my horrible dice rolls.

Live Updates:


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