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A Look into Solo Gaming

Solo board gaming seems...strange. Artificial. Forced. It’s not the games themselves at fault. Still it lacks something. It lacks…people.

Seafall: A Nonsensical Endeavor | Captain’s Log #1

Jan 26, 2017
Steve S. (Steebin)

Dan, Matt and Steve are currenlty plundering what Seafall has to offer in its tightly sealed chests of secrets. This is a running log of our plays as we go along in the coming weeks. SPOILERS!

Steve’s Top 10 of 2016 | LONG List

Jan 09, 2017
Steve S. (Steebin)

Steve's top 10 of 2016!

First Take | The Oracle of Delphi

A “race game” sailing a variably set-up landscape of sea spaces fighting monsters, paying tribute to the Gods, and founding temples in their honor.

First Take | Arkham Horror: The Card Game

This new Living Card Game (LCG) pulls 1-4 investigators into the tried and true Lovecraftian setting of Arkham, fresh on the scent of some new supernatural happenings.

First Take | Signorie

Puts you at the head of an Italian family circa a time when people still offered dowries for marriage and had simplistic binary definitions of gender.

First Take | Arkwright

Arkwright is a title that puts you on the brink of England’s Industrial Revolution and asks you to create a profitable portfolio from four bustling industries—bread, shirts, cutlery, and lamps.

What We’ve Been Playing (8.01.16)

Aug 01, 2016
Steve S. (Steebin)

We travel through Space and then through the Mystic Vale, walk up to the Stronghold and ask "Why First?" (8.01.16)

What We’ve Been Playing (7.25.16)

Jul 25, 2016
Steve S. (Steebin)

Too hot for crock pots but that didn't stop us from having a Crock Pot Game Day! (7.25.16)