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Kickstarter Spotlight | May 15th

May 15, 2014No Comments2113 Views

This weekly roundup contains an expansion to Castle Dice, a second edition of I Say, Holmes!, some epic space playmats for your Attack Wing or

X-Men on Colt Express to Japan

May 15, 2014No Comments3719 Views

Marvel Dice Masters will take your money all year long, Antoine Bauza loves Japan, Alliances are formed in Summoner Wars, robbing trains never gets, old

Kickstarter Spotlight | May 8th

May 08, 2014No Comments2520 Views

In this edition of the Spotlight, weapon-wielding-wolves try to save the Kingdom of Armello, while Endless Fantasy Tactics evolves into the Miasma War. The Quantum

Tiny Epic Robin Hood Settles Score with Dice

May 07, 2014No Comments3176 Views

Tiny Epicness is back, Mage Wars introduces modular arenas, Robin Hood is now the Sheriff, Imperial Settlers make their way to America and Superhero dice

Kickstarter Spotlight | April 30th

Apr 30, 2014No Comments16710 Views

A slow week unleashes the Dogs of War upon the world, and Crash Games attempts to get the trains running on time in Yardmaster. In

New Game Releases | April 18th – April 25th

Apr 24, 2014No Comments2216 Views

In a move to drain your wallet emptier than it already is, Stronghold Games and Cryptozoic Entertainment both have two new releases this week, while

Villains’ Legacy Lost in the North Wind – News at 11

Apr 23, 2014No Comments3140 Views

AEG's Legacy grows, Z-Man sails a new game over from Europe, Mayfair puts you in the villains' shoes, FFG revises their Dungeon, everyone's favorite French

New Game Releases | April 11th – April 18th

Apr 18, 2014No Comments2218 Views

Do you like LCG's? How about dungeon crawl board games? If yes, you should probably see what's coming to your tabletop this week.

“Flip the Table” Games | LoNG List

Apr 18, 2014No Comments5762 Views

Do you have that one game that makes you so competitive, or so long and drawn out, or just so gosh darn fun that

Kickstarter Spotlight | April 16th

Apr 15, 2014No Comments3102 Views

Queen Games attempts to make Escape from their big-box series impossible, while the Miskatonic girls enjoy their holidays, an arcade game gets a makeover, and