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First Take | The Oracle of Delphi

Dec 01, 2016No Comments5643 Views

A “race game” sailing a variably set-up landscape of sea spaces fighting monsters, paying tribute to the Gods, and founding temples in their honor.

First Take | Signorie

Sep 26, 2016No Comments3218 Views

Puts you at the head of an Italian family circa a time when people still offered dowries for marriage and had simplistic binary definitions of

Valeria: Card Kingdoms | Review

Feb 17, 2016No Comments7919 Views

A tableau-building dice game where the goal is to build your city by recruiting the citizens to fight monsters while continuing to grow your domain.

Ghostel | Preview

Jan 26, 2016No Comments4467 Views

Creepstone Manor has remained vacant for nearly 100 years and the resident ghost, “Spookie” has enjoyed the peace and quiet. But now that the manor

What We’ve Been Playing (9.20.2015)

Sep 29, 2015No Comments3140 Views

So many games...Here is a list of some of our standout titles that we were able to play this week. (9/20/15)

Armello | Review

Sep 17, 2015No Comments5745 Views

As word of the King’s impending passing spreads through rumor and whispers, bold leaders from Armello’s clans begin to come forward with every intention of

Discoveries: The Journals of Lewis and Clar...

Sep 17, 20153 Comments6838 Views

Discoveries is a dice-based worker placement game that uses clever placement and manipulation of your resources in an attempt to compile knowledge of the local

Monster Truck Mayhem | Preview

Jun 16, 2015No Comments6515 Views

Monster Truck Mayhem, from Matt Riddle and Ben Pinchback, is a fast-paced real-time dice rolling race that pits 2-5 racers in an all out sprint

Roll for the Galaxy | Review

May 13, 201510 Comments15156 Views

Roll for the Galaxy, from designers Wei-Hwa Huang and Thomas Lehmann, is the dice-based implementation of the popular card game Race for the Galaxy.

Camel Up | Review

Dec 19, 2014No Comments10328 Views

If you've ever dreamed of heading to Egypt to watch five brightly colored camels race around a pyramid, save the airfare and grab your closest