Binge Listen, Episode 1: Blue Peg, Pink Peg

March 20, 2014

Binge-Listen, Episode 1: Introduction and Blue Peg, Pink Peg

Pre-recorded radio (i.e. podcasting) has become a popular medium in the board game hobby. There is a wealth of gaming-related shows covering basically every niche and perspective that you or anyone else may be interested in. I, unlike many people (I assume), am interested in just about every aspect of the hobby. As a result, I am interested in just about every gaming podcast out there. While I may or may not be all that unique in that perspective, there is one thing that may separate me from the rest:

My name is Buns . . . and I am a binge-listener.

While many just pop on their favorite audio show from time to time, I, instead, actively hunt down and rapidly consume entire volumes. I tear through entire backlogs of old episodes. I absolutely love taking in the different perspectives and opinions that are floating around out there.

So, given that I’m already absorbing it all, I figured the next natural step would be to share it with you. The goal of these posts is not to necessarily “rate” or “review” the different casts, but instead highlight what’s out there and what they’re about. Hopefully it will be helpful in exposing you to some of the great content!

Blue Peg, Pink Peg


Hosted by:

The Blue Pegs: Robb & Patrick

The Pink Pegs: Keri & Christina

Release Schedule:

Bi-Weekly on Mondays

Average Run-time:

60 minutes

General Content:

Discussion, News, Reviews


Blue Peg, Pink Peg

*Member of the Dice Tower Network


Each episode of Blue Peg, Pink Peg begins with an open forum between Robb and Patrick that is typically prompted  with “What have you been playing?” This is often intertwined with the latest gaming news or interesting factoids that naturally pop-up. Taking roughly half of the episode, this is a relaxed and conversational segment. From this, Blue-Peg Patrick shifts into a solo walkthrough of the chosen review game for the episode. This varies depending on the game, but is usually detailed enough to understand the game without going overboard. The Blue Pegs then reconvene with the Pink Pegs, Keri and Christina, to openly discuss and review the game. Once the discussion begins to lag or come to a logical closing point, the group will give individual ratings on a “6-Peg” system, with ‘0’ being garbage and ‘6’ being unmatched in awesomeness (my words, not theirs). The show comes to a close with a 10-15 minutes discussion on a predetermined topic, anything from “starting a game group” to “gift giving” and “gaming resolutions.” They have also begun a “Hot Seat” segment for their discussions, where one of the four hosts will be questioned about life and gaming.

Buns Thinks

I began listening to Blue Peg, Pink Peg about a week ago. I was on a roll, taking in episode after episode, until my iTunes failed to download #15 (I just want to get to the review of Tash-Kalar!). This episode aside, I’m up to date with the show and it’s safe to say that I’m enjoying this cast.

The first thing I noticed about BP-PP is the indomitable energy coming from the lead hosts, Patrick and Robb. It is very obvious from the start that these guys love games. That, in combination with their very approachable nature, made me feel right at home. It felt as if I was listening to two of my buddies talk about the hobby. They’re not afraid to express their opinions openly, whether it be die-hard fanboy-ism or straight-forward discontent.

The second great thing about this show is the welcome addition of the Pink-Pegs, Keri and Christina. More than just “gamer wives,” these two offer a nice balance in perspective and opinion. The four personalities all mix and blend together, making for an interesting dynamic that ebbs and flows across the episodes. Amongst the group is a range of opinions on games and related topics, making for a truly enjoyable listen.

While I typically skip the audio walkthroughs, this is more a personal preference than a commentary on Blue Peg Patrick’s abilities. I simply don’t find any walkthrough without a visual aide to be helpful. That being said, they are typically short and the focus is much more on the discussion afterwards.

Overall, I can easily be considered a Pegger/Peg-head/Peglet – whatever they’re calling us these days. I find the cast provides a good mix between up to date news, reviews and discussion, while presenting the material in a way that’s easy to listen to and very fun. Head on over to iTunes or their website (see above) to find out more about this excellent cast.

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