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Villages of Valeria | Preview

Feb 03, 2016No Comments6315 Views

Villages of Valeria is a fast-paced tableau builder that slickly combines familiar elements from games such as Imperial Settlers and Race for the Galaxy into

Siggil | Review

Jan 22, 20162 Comments4162 Views

Behold the ancient Siggil, a snare for spirits from a long-forgotten age, where those bound were to be locked away for eternity. Now, however, the

Karmaka | Preview

Jan 18, 2016No Comments9093 Views

In Karmaka, you will be competing to ascend the karmic ladder while while your deeds sow the seeds of your next life. But, as your

Trambahn | Review

Dec 18, 20151 Comment5677 Views

Two rival companies go toe-to-toe in direct competition for riders and the claim of greatest trambahn monopoly in Germany.

Ashes: Rise of Phoenixborn | Review

Nov 11, 20152 Comments8106 Views

As an Ashes player, you take control of a Phoenixborn driven mad with a lust for power, seeking only to destroy the others like yourself

Codenames | Review

Nov 09, 20152 Comments8504 Views

Find the other agents on your team. Watch out for civilians, the assassin and keep clear of enemy territory.

The Grizzled | Review

Oct 26, 20154 Comments12452 Views

Victory does not involve eliminating your opponents or capturing a territory; instead players must use astute teamwork in an attempt to overcome their own fears

The Networks | Preview

Sep 22, 2015No Comments3443 Views

Tonight! On The Networks! At 8pm on a very special “So You Think You can Flail,” all of your favorite reality show stars will compete

Armello | Review

Sep 17, 2015No Comments5618 Views

As word of the King’s impending passing spreads through rumor and whispers, bold leaders from Armello’s clans begin to come forward with every intention of

Avalanche at Yeti Mountain | Preview

Sep 01, 20151 Comment4902 Views

Race your opponents down the mountain using your high-powered rocket skis...but beware of the yeti and the avalanche that follows!